Prelegent Tytuł PDF Video
Thomas Lim Keynote N/A N/A
Mariusz Sawczuk,Jochen Belke Invisible attacks – visible in your network. How to see and follow the tracks? PDF YT
Ilja van Sprudel Linux Desktop Insecurity PDF YT
Nguyen Anh Quynh Opticode: machine code deobfuscation for malware analysts PDF YT
Yaniv MironMC Ph0k 0-days, We Will Pwn U with Hardware Mofos PDF TBP
Gynvael Coldwind,Mateusz “j00ru” Jurczyk Beyond MOV ADD XOR – the unusual and unexpected in x86 PDF YT
Robert Lipovsky The “Facebook PokerAgent” PPSX YT
Georgia Weidman Can You Hear Me Now: Leveraging Mobile Devices on Pentests PDF YT
Nikita Tarakanov Exploiting Hardcore Pool Corruptions in Microsoft Windows Kernel PDF YT
Arseny Reutov PHP Object Injection revisted ZIP YT
Julian Bangert,Sergey Bratus ELF Eccentricities PDF YT
Grzegorz Niemirowski Podatności aplikacji desktopowych PDF YT


Devesh Bhatt My Experiments with truth: a different route to bug hunting PDF YT
Gaweł Mikołajczyk Networking Security Treasures PDF YT
Rebecca Bx Shapiro,Julian BangertSergey Bratus Any Input Is a Program: Weird Machines in ABI and architecture metadata PDF TBP
Felix “fx” Lindner,Gregor Kopf Cisco in the Sky with Diamonds PDF YT
Fernando Gont Network Reconnaissance in IPv6 Networks PDF YT
Jesse Burns Securing Data in Mobile Application Suites PDF YT
Meredith L. Patterson LANGSEC 2011-2016 PDF YT
Michał Sajdak Embedded Devices Hacking PDF YT
Adam ‘pi3′ Zabrocki Crashdumps: hunt 0days and rootkits TPB YT
Dmitriy Chastuchin Breaking, Forensicating and Anti-Forensicating SAP Portal and J2EE Engine PDF YT
Yury Chemerkin Insecurities in blackberry PDF YT
Marek Zmysłowski Testy penetracyjne – 7 grzechów głównych PDF N/A